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Welcome to Demando. We are Sweden's largest platform for tech recruitment - and are there for everyone who creates tech - from developers to designers, project managers or salespeople.

For tech talent
By first asking what you as a talent are looking for, and then matching it with companies that can meet your wishes - we make the tech industry more fun, more developing and more transparent. And through anonymous profiles, you who work in tech can calmly explore new opportunities and offers, without having to go through long and demanding recruitment processes.

For employers

Our goal is to make it easier for employers to find and recruit technology for all their needs. Every week, new talent registers on Demando and here there are always candidates ready to change jobs. You are matched with candidates based on your company's needs, see their wishes and have the opportunity to make personal offers - and thus get closer to the candidates than the companies that are not on Demando.

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Welcome to Demando

Demando is the place for tech talent and tech powered companies to find their perfect match. We make the process of finding a new job - or new colleagues - easier, more joyful and more efficient. We do it by making sure you share the same deal breakers before you start the dialogue. Explore how Demando can help you take the next step in your career or elevate your team. Register now to match with new opportunities.

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