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Do you work within tech? Demando matches you with new opportunities based on what you want to do next.

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Why use Demando?

Demando puts you in control of your next career step.

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We match you with new jobs based on what you want to do, not who you are. You can always hide your profile from your current employer.

3 perks and benefits

On your terms

You’ll only get offers that match your terms. And you decide who can contact you.

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Quick & Easy

The only thing you have to do is sign up once, and wait for +800 tech companies to contact you.

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Demando lets you browse jobs without getting irrelevant suggestions, unfair treatment or cold calls by recruiters. Try it now to explore the companies that can meet your needs.

How does it work?

This is how you take your next carrier step with Demando:

Create your anonymous profile

Start by creating your profile. Fill out your experience and what you want to do next. Then add your deal breakers – it could be everything from a certain salary level, to bringing your dog to work.

We show you jobs that suit you

Wait for your perfect matches. Demando matches you with jobs that suit your profile, and employers that are willing to meet your deal breakers. You choose which employers you want to get in touch with.

Sign your dream job

Start a dialogue with the companies you find most interesting. If all goes well you’ll find your dream job! Congrats!

Sign up today & help improve Demando

Since Demando is still in Beta, we’re looking for feedback from new users. So if you want to help improve Demando, please join our Discord channel after signing up.

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Demando is what LinkedIn always should’ve been, but never will.


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Welcome to Demando

Demando is the place for tech talent and tech powered companies to find their perfect match. We make the process of finding a new job - or new colleagues - easier, more joyful and more efficient. We do it by making sure you share the same deal breakers before you start the dialogue. Explore how Demando can help you take the next step in your career or elevate your team. Register now to match with new opportunities.

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