Updates & improvements to the Demando company platform

  • Mar 31, 2023

    Improved in-app onboarding

    Today we're releasing an updated way of getting started with Demando! Entering the dashboard, you will now see a "Get started" section. Here you will find the necessary steps to get up and running as fast and smoothly as possible. When you've finished the onboarding steps, this section will no longer be visible, and you can focus on what matters, the "Unhandled candidates", and "Matching talent" sections.

    If you want to book a demo with someone from our customer success team, there's also a link! We hope this addition should make it even easier for you and your team to start recruiting through Demando!

  • Mar 23, 2023
    A vertical list of 3 candidates

    Improvements to talent matching

    Today we're launching an improved talent-matching engine. Here's a quick summary.

    Improved ranking

    We've improved the talent matching algorithm to rank candidates better according to the positions you've set up. You'll get a more comprehensive selection of candidates, sorted and ranked according to how well they fit your role, how likely they are to respond to a contact request, and how experienced they are.

    Must have skills

    Our search algorithm also improves the selection by filtering out candidates that lack technologies you've marked as required and will rank up candidates that match the nice-to-haves. We are also now filtering out candidates that don't qualify for any language requirements you've set up on your profile.

    Better, faster, stronger

    We constantly improve our search algorithm, making it faster and better at finding the right talent for you and your team!

  • Mar 09, 2023

    Candidate rejection reason

    Today we released an improved flow for rejecting candidates on Demando. Previously, you only clicked a button to reject the candidate, but couldn't specify the reasoning behind it. Now though, clicking the "Reject candidate..." button in the right-hand sidebar in the process view will open up a dialog. Here you can now choose between a list of reasons for why you're rejecting. This information is only used for your team to keep up with what's happening in each process. If you also want to add a comment about the candidate, there's a textbox in the same dialog for that now! The comment will only be shared with your team, and won't be shown to the candidate.

    We hope these enhancements should make it easier for you and your team to find and interview great talent!

  • Feb 22, 2023
    A kanban board showing all processes

    Enhanced Processes overview

    Today we're releasing an update to the Processes overview kanban board. Now, all unhandled candidates, either applications or ones who have accepted a request of yours, will get grouped into the section called "Unhandled candidates". You can now also drag candidates from the "Applications" and "Accepted requests" columns into any of the other columns.

    We hope this should give you a better overview of your processes and make them even easier to manage!

  • Feb 10, 2023

    GitHub profile preview

    Today we're releasing a small but nice feature called "GitHub profile preview". This adds a widget in the process sidebar that lists a candidate's GitHub repositories if they've chosen to add one. It shows their GitHub username, a list of repositories, and a button for viewing their full profile. Each repository contains information such as

    • Title
    • Description
    • Amount of stars
    • Amount of forks
    • Main programming language

    If you click one, it will open up the full repository on, where you can read the README file, clone it, or read some of the code. We hope this should make the way you screen candidates even faster, and help you gage someone's ability to write code.

  • Feb 09, 2023

    Improved pausing of processes

    Today we're releasing a big update to the "Pause process" feature in Demando. Previously, you have only been able to pause a process for 30 days, which caused issues if you wanted to pick up a process with a candidate in a year or so. Now though, we've introduced the possibility to pause a process by choosing from a predefined set of time ranges and specifying a custom date completely.

    To do this, hit the "Pause process" button from the process sidebar in the chat view. This will bring up a popup allowing you to drag the slider to select the amount of time you want to pause the process for. The available options here are:

    • 1 week
    • 3 weeks
    • 1 month
    • 3 months
    • 6 months
    • 1 year

    Custom dates

    If none of the above predefined time ranges are enough, you can click the blue link below the slider to choose a custom date from the calendar. This allows you to only pause the process for a few days, or if you want to, even a couple of years. Another new feature in this release is the addition of text showing what date the process is paused until. This will be visible above the "Resume process" button if the process is paused.

    We hope these improvements will help you manage your processes even easier!

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